Cattle Genetics Laboratory
How does it work?

A breeder who wants to genotype a Holstein-Friesian female in his herd should contact the appropriate Breeding Department Selector. The selector will be visiting the breeder and will help him choose the cows or heifers to genotyping, collect biological material (a piece of tissue taken from the ear) and prepare the necessary documentation. In the Cattle Genetics Laboratory in Parzniew, the biological material is processed, the steps include: isolation of the DNA, genotyping on Illumina EuroG10k microarrays and analysis of SNP markers. After estimating the breeding value based on the SNP genetic markers, the breeder receives the results of the genomic index gPF and the assessed features for each cow/heifer. Breeders who order a female genotyping service are provided with advice, including interpretation of results and assistance in their practical use in breeding work in the herd.