Milk Recording

Milk performance recording has a very long tradition in our country. The very first information about official organization of milk recording in Poland is dated on 1904, when a group of progressive farmers after their visit in Denmark, decided to implement official performance recording in their herds in order to prepare the field for future breeding program.

Currently, as part of the service of evaluating the useful value of cattle, we offer:

  • measurement of milk yield and taking a milk sample;
  • Individual laboratory analysis of milk parameters:
    • fat %,
    • urea mg/l,
    • protein %,
    • somatic cell count thousand cell / ml,
    • casein %,
    • fat to protein ratio,
    • dry matter,
    • subclinical ketosis risk factor;
  • data recording, processing and storage;
  • document: Heifer Card – at the Breeder's request in a paper version or in the Stado OnLine application;
  • verification of origin;
  • pregnancy test – PAG tests;
  • zootechnical advisory;
  • 9 result reports:
    • Herd (RW- 1),
    • Sample (RW- 2),
    • Reproduction (RW- 3),
    • Youth (RW-4),
    • Event (RW- 6),
    • Breeding value (RW-7),
    • Somatics (RW-8),
    • Nutrition (RW- 11),
    • Indices (RW-IN).