Cattle Genetics Laboratory

Since the end of  2014 , the genomic assesment has become a widely acclaimed and universally accepted method of measuring animal breeding potential. This revolutionary method can be useful for bulls as well as for heifers and cows. It is really important because until now the intensity of the selection of bulls was significantly higher than that of cows.  Genomic breeding value for males and for females is measured with the same accuracy, even for qualities such as health, fertility, and longevity.

Using selection based on genomic breeding date, the breeder can make more precise decisions regarding the:

  • Selection of heifers for the herd renovation;
  • Selection of the appropriate bull to insemination of the heifer or a particular cow
  • Sale of excess breeding material
  • Use of modern methods, e.g., embryotransfer to accelerate the breeding progress


It facilitates and can significantly accelerate the breeding progress while improving the economic efficiency of breeding.

In order to meet the expectations of breeders, the Polish Federation opened the Cattle Genetics Laboratory on March 1st, 2015, in Parzniew. A breeder wishing to order genotyping service should contact the appropriate Breeding Department selector. Breeders who order this service will be provided with professional counsel, including interpretation of the results and assistance in their practical implementation in breeding works in the herd.

Perfectly trained staff and the latest research equipment, as well as cooperation with the world leader in the production of microarrays Illumina, guarantees that Cattle Genetics Laboratory delivers the highest quality results at the lowest price (the price list).