Breeding Tasks

The Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers in Warsaw keeps herd books for breeding dairy cattle from July 1, 2004. The Cattle Breeding Department of PFCBDF has been established to  carry out the essential projects. This Department consists of breeding advisors responsible for breeding consultancy and working with breeders in the field and specialists of breeding documents. In the connection with herd book keeping the following action is carried out:

  1. Registration of heifers, cows and bulls in preliminary and main sections of herd book in  digital version of electronic computer database,

The Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers in Warsaw is keeping the herd book for the following dairy breeds of cattle in Poland:

  • Holstein and Red Holstein,
  • Simmental,
  • Jersey,
  • Red Polish, 
  • Montbeliarde,
  • Polish Black and White, 
  • Polish Red and White,
  • Brown Swiss. 

PFCBDF is also responsible for appointing of the minimal thresholds of selection indices for cows which are registered in Elite class.

  1. Issuance of the certificates confirming the registration of dairy cattle in Herd book,
  2. Issuance of the official zootechnical certificates for pure-bred breeding animals of the bovine species, their semen, ova and embryos,
  3. Issuance of the pedigree certificates confirming the parentage of breeding animals in domestic trade,
  4. Co-operation with AI stations in Poland in order of realization the breeding programs,
  5. Participation in the realization of the conservation breeding program of the genetic recourses for the breeds: Red Polish, Polish Black and White and Polish Red and White,
  6. Approval of animals for shows and exhibitions.