Breeding Advisory

Breeding work in a herd is a long-term activity. Because it depends on many changing factors, it is so important that the actions taken in the herd are reasonable and accurate and they must be implemented consistently.

During his or her visit to the farm, the PFHBiPM breeding adviser has access to up-to-date information about heifers and cows in the herd, such as: breed of animals, entry into the herd book, breeding values and genetic balance. Based on this information, the breeding purpose and the date and manner of its implementation are established together with the breeder.

Each adviser has the right to conduct an animal type and body build evaluation. Information about the body build of animals is used, when choosing bulls for the herd using the Doko application.

A breeder, who cares about faster genetic progress, can use the animal genotyping service and, based on the results, conduct breeding work in the herd with high accuracy.

The Cattle Breeding Department coordinator – Roman Januszewski

phone: 22 502 33 87, 505 107 237