Breeding Advisory
DoKo application
    Selection for DoKo matings

    DoKo is our proprietary application. The main goal of which is to optimise the selection of bulls for mating based on the breeding value for individual traits, rather than and not phenotypic values (for example milk yield). The biggest advantage of the DoKo application is the ability to use all the information that has been stored in our IT system for years.

    During selection for mating, the following is taken into account:

    • Entire base of the pedigree of cows and heifers covered by the performance evaluation,
    • Information on their breeding values regarding production features, type and body build evaluation,
    • Other traits subject to evaluation.

    Advantages of the DoKo application:

    • Avoiding inbreeding between the parent couple. An uncontrolled increase in inbreeding must be avoided, because it is a source of unfavourable phenomena referred to as inbreeding depression, such as decreased performance, decreased reproductive indicators or deterioration of health. Inbreeding should not exceed 6.25%.
    • Access to the bull database rated in Poland and by INTERBULL. It is possible to use the breeding value for bulls, which do not have daughters in Poland; the bulls are then evaluated by INTERBULL and compared to the Polish genetic base.
    • Optimisation of bull selection for a cow. The breeder receives information when bull has a worse parameter than a cow. The application also adjusts the bull selection taking into account the conformation of the cow.
    • Assignment of the primiparas to test bull.
    • Use of pedigree breeding values for heifers and primiparas without official valuation. Based on the breeding values of ancestors, the application calculates the average pedigree breeding value for heifers and primiparas not subject to official valuation and includes it when choosing a bull for mating.

    Each breeder can choose the optimal trait weights for his or her herd. It is the breeder, who decides, which traits need to be improved in order to achieve the set breeding goal.