Code of Ethics

Rules and Regulations for exhibiting dairy cattle at the shows organized by the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers and at the national exhibitions, where the exposition of dairy cattle is supervised by PFCBDF


Animals presented at the exhibition should be prepared in a such way which minimize change their natural appearance

A. Practices that are permitted to prepare cows for the dairy cattle shows

The following procedures are acceptable for preparation of cows for show:

1. The trimming of feet,

2. The washing of an animal and the clipping of hair,

3. The setting of an animals’ top-line, only from animal’s own hair,

4. Foreign hair is allowed only if the animal requires a false tail,

5. The natural filling of an animals’ udder with the animal’s own milk production,

6. Regulating of the shape of the udder with a quarter milking,

7. The teats can be sealed from the outside to prevent spontaneous leakage of milk.


B. Practices that are not permitted to prepare cows for the dairy cattle shows

1. For the preparation of the top-line, no foreign hair or other materials are allowed.

2.Preparation of the udder:

    1) Roping udders (e.g. with the fishing line) and the use of objects to physically improve   

        definition of the suspensory central ligament is not permitted,

    2) The use of glue or substances or instrument outside and inside the teats to change the

        teats positioning,

    3) Any injection of substances such as liquids and gases including air into the udder,

    4) Overfilling of the udder, confirmed by ultrasound examination.

3. Administering substances (orally, rectally or vaginally) to change the natural contour of the

    animal’s appearance (i.e. drenching for an unnatural filling of the cow).

4. Other effects not mentioned which cause stress and pain to the animal.

5. Marking the ribs with the special clipping techniques.


C. Compliance with rules and sanctions in the event of breaches of the rules and  

     regulation of the code of ethics

1. The owner of an animal is responsible for the preparation of the animal before the show  

     and the kind of presentation in the ring.

2. The owner of an animal has to ensure that his fitters, agents or other persons acting on his

     behalf prepare the animals in accordance with the rules of this ’Code of Ethics’.

3.  The organizer of exhibition will appoint 3 following persons to act as a Rules Committee at

     the show:

     1) a representative of breeders’ association

     2) a veterinarian,

     3) a person qualified by the PFCBDF as a dairy cattle judge.

4. The members of the Rules Committee should be present by the ring during the     

    competition of animals and be present on the exhibition grounds throughout the duration of

    the show.

5. The Rules Committee has the authority to perform an ultrasound examination of the udder

     of any cows in order to determine the degree of its filling and the presence of prohibited  

     substances or objects.

6.  The Rules Committee have the authority to inspect animals and related materials

     used for preparing them to the competition presentation.

7.  If a breach to the rules is determined, the appropriate animal will be disqualified from the

     show competition or a title (an award) will be subsequently deprived, respectively.

8.  If an owner of animal does not accept the request to investigate his animal in accordance

     with these rules, it will lead to the disqualification of his/her animals on the show.

9.  The decisions of the Rules Committee are described in a written protocol and are final.


These rules and regulations are compatible with the Code of Ethics recommended by the EHRC.