Milk Recording
  • milk production indicators and individual laboratory analyses of milk components i.e.:
    • fat [g / 100g],
    • protein [g / 100g],
    • casein [g / 100g],
    • lactose [g / 100g],
    • dry matter [g / 100g],
    • urea [mg / l],
    • somatic cells count [thous. SCC/ml]
    • monitoring of subclinical ketosis;
  • registration, processing and storage of animal and herd data;
  • 10 different result reports, including 2 of them: “HERD” and “TEST MEST MILKING” within milk recording fee;
  • keeping and updating the breeding documentation;
  • access to PFCBDF’s applications:
  • beef recording for Simmental (SM) and Polish Red (RP) herds;
  • individual overall advisory in herd improvement;
  • breeding, feeding and economy advisory;
  • fodder analyses at the preferential price.